alerting the public about con men.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hello, if anyone has any information in regards to con men or con women, POST here. I am a writer, poet, and teacher. I have been conned by the best of them. His name: William Michael Barber. He picks his next victims via the Internet Dating Games, and I am aware that he wasn't the only person pulling scams on those sites: HE Had an account with MATCH.COM, YAHOO PERSONALS, and one other dating area that I cannot remember. I am posting a website that tells about him:

http://www.pownetwork.org, and I am also posting the picture of myself and him. He was known by me as Christopher James Micheal Barber. He left me homeless and financially destitute. The only way we can stop these kind of low lifes is to make the public more aware. Please, if you or anyone you know has been a victim of this man, please let me know via this blog, and if you know of any other con men or con women, post that too. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED! They steal identities, and they destroy lives! THEY have no conscience, and prey upon innocent people.

This story has aired on GOOD MORNING AMERICA on June 20, and CURRENT AFFAIR on June 27 (I think) and will be aired on DATELINE, and INSIDE EDITION, and 48 HOURS.

YES, it is embarrassing to be conned, but realize that these people do this for a living. The man I knew as my husband for 4 years, had not used his real name in 35 years!!!! HE IS THAT GOOD. HE has conned not only numerous women, but he has conned honest business men. Please if you have even been victimized by any con person, let me know, some way the authorities can be notified. I have listed. SOME OF THESE CON PERSONS prey on a select group, others like my ex preyed upon women and business men! HE HAS NOT ONE SHRED OF HUMANITY IN HIM, he faked all of his EMOTIONS. He is incapable of loving anyone, he even CONNED his own family. HE IS THAT EVIL.