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Monday, April 09, 2007


I have started a petition for a national database of marriages and divorces.

Mr. Barber is reincarcerated in the NJ Prison system, he skipped parole, used another identity, and another social security number and was arrested in MO. He was extradited back to NJ. He will unfortunately get out in November. Perhaps MO will pick him up and sentence him for other crimes he committed.

This man is a repeat offender and will not change his ways. He has had plenty of chances to amend his criminal ways.

I have discovered that many many other people commit these crimes because they do not get a very stiff penalty for stealing someone else's identy, or committing fraud.

It is a sad commentary on how the judicial system works. I have met many other victims of con artists, and there are a lot of women that commit these types of crimes also. One woman in Michighan changed her name so often that she had numerous victims.

Please join our fight to get these crimes to be stopped. This is the fastest growing crime of the new millium. Help others stop others from becoming a victim.

Sign the petition, please


Saturday, May 13, 2006

ON Being a Victim

No one chooses to become a victim, yet victims of con men and con women are treated as though they chose that? Why? Sweetheart scams are very common and trying to persecute the crimes the criminals perpetuate on their victims is time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes very disappointing.

I didn't chose to be the victim of William Michael Barber. He chose me! He chose me because he saw my quest for love as his way to get and obtain easy money. He used my credit, he used my career, and he used me to charm his way into a life that he wanted to lead at the time.

When his lies were starting to unravel around him, he sought other victims and found at least 20. I know that I had found his list but that was after he left me devastated and homeless, and financially destitute.

I had no one to turn to, and wasn't about to ask my father to help, in the end after staying with

friends, I had no choice. It wasn't a choice I turned to easily, because being in love with a con man made me feel inadequate, insecure, and unable to trust anyone around me.

Suddenly everyone looked like liars: Why? Because Christopher James Micheal Barber used a different name and social security number with me, he was not who he said he was!

He never was a pro football player that was the tightend for the Houston Oilers, nor was he a Vietnam War Veteran POW. He never had a college education, and he never ever was a practicing doctor. Maybe in his dreams he was....but the reality was this:

He broke the law over and over again. Numerous times, he is a deserter of the Army, and a fraud. He did not use his real name for 35 years. He committed various types of crimes, and will continue to do so.

Is it irony that he is homeless? I guarantee he won't stay that way...he will bounce back faster than a jack rabbit leaping over a cactus. He holds no emotion for the harm that he did his victims, even the littlest ones, that he so called claimed as his grand kids. They are not his and never will be his. AMEN TO THAT!

My sons have a father that SERVED his country honorably. He works hard for his money just like everyone else that is honorable does.
I have taught since 1988. My only crime is that I loved and trusted a criminal. GULLIBLE?
Yes, looking towards rose-colored glasses? YES, but never more, never more.

Justice may be blind in some cases, but I have found, that for every victim there is someone who is strong enough to keep fighting to put the habitual offender in jail for the rest of their life.

Yes, I am always looking over my shoulders, thinking that Barber is coming after me. Yes, most folks think that he won't do anything, but I am not presumptuous to know what a criminal mind thinks about, and am not taking any chances.
I just hope for different reasons that William Michael Barber who was really born in 1951 is now counting the days when his freedom of probation is going to end. Someday, somehow, I will see justice for real, and he cannot harm another person again with his lies.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Hi Ms. Roberts,
The deputy director of the the New Jersey Parole Board told me that William Barber was released today (Monday, March 27) from Bayside State Prison. He supposedly will be given a few hundred dollars to eat and live at a motel. He supposedly is responsible for getting his own job. He will be supervised heavily for 90 days and if he's good, he'll be on regular parole until September 2007. He can apply to the parole board to move to another state. There were no detainers or outstanding charges lodged against him as of today, so he is not being sent to face charges in another state.
I did hear from his last wife, Joyce Peters, that parole set him up as an apprentice with an electrical contractor.

There you have it WIllIAM MICHAEL BARBER IS OUT!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

People like to think they have the whole facts and nothing but the facts. They don't know the whole story. What information I put in here about Barber is from my perception of my experience with him. The other information, I get from sources that are from authority. The newspapers and media can exploit the facts to sensationalize the stories.
I tried to be cautious when I was with Barber, for I had delusions that this marriage would be a lasting one, and non abusive. Apparently anyone can give you a false name, and fake social security number. That is what Barber did. He was not who he said he was. He had not used his real name in 35 years, until he was jailed being married to Joyce #2.

I know that I was gullible in believing his lies, but as Dr. Phil states in his books, SELF MATTERS, and LOVE SMART, sometimes the way we look at ourselves allows us to become victims. I WILL NO LONGER BE A VICTIM of Barber. You will not see me post anymore on my blogs, unless I get notified that he will be out very soon. BE AWARE, identity theft happens every day to at least 30,000 people.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Never Trust A Charmer


You came into my life,

With a kiss and a promise,

I was your wife.

My dream came true,
I knew I found my soulmate in you.

Little did I know for you I was a ploy
You considered me your toy--

A means to gain money to fabricate lies,

Oh, how complicated it was upon our lives.

So many victims, too many lies,

Dreamer of Schemes: YOU

I do not hate the empty man you are,
But hate the deeds that drive your dark soul.

Finally on you, your deeds begin to show,

I am getting closure, close this door,
Look back never more.

Donna Layne Roberts 2005


Hello, if anyone has any information in regards to con men or con women, POST here. I am a writer, poet, and teacher. I have been conned by the best of them. His name: William Michael Barber. He picks his next victims via the Internet Dating Games, and I am aware that he wasn't the only person pulling scams on those sites: HE Had an account with MATCH.COM, YAHOO PERSONALS, and one other dating area that I cannot remember. I am posting a website that tells about him:

http://www.pownetwork.org, and I am also posting the picture of myself and him. He was known by me as Christopher James Micheal Barber. He left me homeless and financially destitute. The only way we can stop these kind of low lifes is to make the public more aware. Please, if you or anyone you know has been a victim of this man, please let me know via this blog, and if you know of any other con men or con women, post that too. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED! They steal identities, and they destroy lives! THEY have no conscience, and prey upon innocent people.

This story has aired on GOOD MORNING AMERICA on June 20, and CURRENT AFFAIR on June 27 (I think) and will be aired on DATELINE, and INSIDE EDITION, and 48 HOURS.

YES, it is embarrassing to be conned, but realize that these people do this for a living. The man I knew as my husband for 4 years, had not used his real name in 35 years!!!! HE IS THAT GOOD. HE has conned not only numerous women, but he has conned honest business men. Please if you have even been victimized by any con person, let me know, some way the authorities can be notified. I have listed. SOME OF THESE CON PERSONS prey on a select group, others like my ex preyed upon women and business men! HE HAS NOT ONE SHRED OF HUMANITY IN HIM, he faked all of his EMOTIONS. He is incapable of loving anyone, he even CONNED his own family. HE IS THAT EVIL.